Thank you for your purchase. We are so pleased to welcome you into our Blue Cloud community and we can’t wait for you to start benefiting from your new website. 

To be able for us to jump right in and start creating your website, we have created this Client Portal that will walk you through how to get the website that will both be beautiful and functional for your existing customers and your prospects. 

To efficiently launch your site as quickly as possible we are going to collect: 

  • Your business information
  • Your domain name
  • Your Google search engine registration information
  • Your website design wish list
  •  Your SEO optimized website copy

We will assist you every step of the way.

To begin, If you haven't yet registered your domain name, we will do it for you for free.

Use the form below to find an available domain. Enter and see if it's available. 

If it isn't, keep entering variations to see if any of these are available. 

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If you are not able to find a satisfactory domain, we can help. Submit the form below and we will suggest some available domains to you. 

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We will assist in your search for a domain name.

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Your Domain Name

The form below will be sent to one of our website administrators who will configure your website hosting server, connect your domain name to the server, load needed apps, and implement security features. 

Please enter the required information and submit the form. 

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Information for the website adminstrator.

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Your Website Design

There are three different ways you can let our web designers know how you want your website to look. 

  • You can describe how you want it to look.
  • You can give examples of other websites that you like. 
  • You can choose from templates we show you.

You can choose one of these, two of them, or all three. 

Fill out the form below and hit the submit button and the information will be sent to our website designers. 

Website Design Form

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Your Website Design

Use the form below to customize your new website.
If You Like Elements Of The Templates Below, Please Select Them.
Enter the title of the template and what you liked about it.
We have established a range of colors that go with each other so that your website will be esthetically pleasing. Please select the primary color above that you want for your new website.