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The Secret to Our Great Food?
Fresh Ingredients!

The finest Italian Pizzeria in central Ohio. Enjoy our award winning pizza surrounded by

our authentic Italian decor for an unforgettable dining experience.

Why You’ll Love Our Restaurant

Our restaurant started back in 1976 by my father Sulvio Soprano. He was a great man and inspired me to continue on the legacy of his famous pizzeria. Our pizza is made with only the finest ingredients coming straight from Italy including our award winning red sauce. Our selection of fine wines provides a perfect touch to any meal. Lastly, our homemade desserts will blow you away including Italian favorites!

The Ambiance

Our family has many connections in Italy allowing for an immersive experience as you dine in The Sopranos Pizzeria with authentic pieces handmade from Italy and specialty music played as you enjoy your meal.

Our Signature Dishes

Our famous pizza provides an experience like no other with sizes ranging small to extra large depending on your party size. We also offer many classic Italian dishes that you are sure to enjoy!

The Menu

Our dinner menu will suffice any Italian craving your heart desires from pizza, gnocchi, cannolis, and more.

Check out our full menu below!

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What Our Customers Say

Wow! This Pizzeria is like nothing I've been to before. Don't let me get started on their pizza, I have it at least two times a week it is so good! Getting it to go doesn't do this restaurant justice, the atmosphere in this place is spot on. Can't get enough of the Sopranos!

Alice Tinkerton

Great food coming out of that kitchen, everything taste so fresh, it felt like I was picking fresh basil leaves out of a garden and putting it right on my pizza! Will definitely be going back again.

Cameron Alastair

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